Our Sites

At our sites you will enjoy:

  • Round-the-clock sanitising of facilities with stringent health & safety procedures in place
  • Defined camping plots with personal facilities
  • Personal access to your own designated toilet facility
  • Hands-free-operated drinking water points for re-filling and hand washing
  • Al-fresco dining with fire-pits and BBQ’s allowed
  • A good nights rest with a peaceful site-wide ‘quiet’ curfew (11pm-8am)
  • A safe and clean family-friendly environment
  • Onsite carpark
  • Our pitches are suitable for families or groups of up 6 people in a ‘bubble’ 


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Site Amenities

At North Cornwall Camping @Helscott Hill, Bude

  • 18 Deluxe camping pitches - includes own toilet
  • The option of a high quality HOT shower*
  • Option for chemical disposal on site
  • A great site location with beaches, countryside, shops and pubs all nearby

*Shower by appointment only to allow for cleaning and distanced access - Advanced booking essential

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 Puddle Cottage


Site Amenities

At North Cornwall Campsite @Puddle Cottage, Helstone

Book a stay in one of our wonderful bespoke off-grid vans with private parking in the heart of North Cornwall. Enjoy simple camping on a bespoke pitch with access to a flushing toilet (for sole use of you and your family) and your own shower. Fantastically accessible for the A39 Atlantic Highway down through Cornwall up and into Devon.

** More information and booking coming soon **

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